Izzy map - real time adjusments of izzy map - multiple projectors (Physical)

  • hello all -

    I purchased Isadora a few weeks ago and have been following the forum as well as working through Mark's tutorials. I love the software, and find it is well thought out. 
    I thought I understood the basic theory with izzy map (After reading the tutorial) but I am having problems with making map adjustments in real time. ie my external projectors. I can get to izzy map and make adjustments, but I cannot get stages to show externally while I have access to izzy map controls. In other words, how do I make adjustments to the external projectors while in izzy map?  I can only get them to work when I hit Cmd G, and of course isadora is not available.
    Does this have anything to do with using multiple projectors?
    I have since deleted the preferences reopened the file. Since doing this I was able to get full functionality with the izzy map editor and all is working with multiple projector actors and external projectors.  

  • Tech Staff

    You can not. This is to ensure that you don't get stuck with an external input (like a wave generator) changing a setting and causing a big mess.

    You need to publish your settings (X Y of a point etc..), close izzy map (you should have the map roughed in), and then edit the values of the published settings while you have your stages active.

  • That makes sense and explains some of the issues that I have been having. Let me try this approach.
    Thanks so much for your help.


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