• The audio volume control doesn't respond "live" anymore. When a movie is playing you can change the value but it doesn't change the volume. You have to stop movie and start it again for having the audio output level modified.

  • Confirmed! Works on f24 does not on f25. Did you file the bug report?

  • Dear Vanakaru,

    I have reproduced this also. I've made the fix. I will try to get a new version (f25a) uploaded over the weekend. My show 'loopdiver' opens in Berlin next week, so things are a bit hectic here. Please be patient.
    Best Wishes,

  • There's no rush for me Mark.
    I had to downgrade to f24 to have my patch ready for the show...
    f25a will be next time !

  • I need to control movie volumes from the control panel for a Dec 11 performance. Is f25a available yet?  or... How do I go back to f24?

  • Link to a preliminary version of 1.3.0f26 listed in this post:

    The sound bug is fixed in this version.
    Best Wishes,

  • thank you

  • @Mark

    Hi Mark,

    The CI Movie Player has the same bug.  I have a show coming up in Feb..  How does 1.3.0f26 look to you?  Or are you farther (.0f27?).

    Thanks for your help.