Few words about WinAmp and Timecode. interface through AutoIt.

  • There is [same disscussion bellow](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/2567/winamp-timecode#latest), but somehow i can't post there.
    Here my suggection about sending timecode from WinAmp to Isadora:

    Few years ago i have found great tool - AutoIt. This is program, which help you to automate many task. I have used it for network administration and automation tasks.

    It could able to read Values from any control of any program(aspecially standart controls) and send it through network(there are several ways to send besides network; Its also able to send values to controls directly). I think this tool could help you to complete this task. 

    I think this great tool also could be helpful for other task.

    Maybe someone will try to use this method to automate Isadora projects before me. I have no examples of using AutoIt and Isadora, but I have same task for WinAmp in my plans(but it not so important for now) to emulate synchronized timecode between audio and video in our shows.