Izzy crashes if focus is kept at number controller and key ist stroked

  • I think I found a bug that crashes Izzy 2.x

    The Issue is a general one, even if Izzy would not crash.
    I'm on OSX 10.10.5
    I tried this in 2.1 and 2.2
    Starting situation:
    One number controller with "show value value of linked properties" activated.
    The controller is linked to a value output wich changes by a key stroke.
    The same scene is duplicated and their controller panel is split
    I attached an example file.
    Change a value in the number controller of the first scene, BUT DON'T klick anywhere else, so the controller is still in focus and activated.
    If you now strike the key, the controller keeps being active and a failure sound comes with every key hit.
    But the value keeps changing. If you hit the key several times and then change to the second scene, the number controller seems to duplicate at screen and shortly after Izzy is crashing.
    Sometimes this doesn't happen immediately, but at least if you try to save the patch.

    20aa87-bildschirmfoto-2016-03-16-um-01.56.17.png 67146e-bug-test-key-table-watcher-2.izz

  • Dear @DillTheKraut,

    Thank for the very clear recreate. I was able to duplicate the problem (though not always the crash) reliably. I have already fixed this and it will appear in the next revision. Obviously the workaround for the moment is to click outside the edit box before you go to the next scene.
    (Funny handle btw.)
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @DusX,

    Can you please handle filing a bug report for this to ensure it gets tested?
    Thanks - Mark