Switch Font of Text Draw Actor

  • Hello guys,

    I found out, that it is possible to trigger Text, like "Times New Roman" or "Verdana" to the font value of the text draw actor.
    But is there a possibility to switch the sub settings, like "Bold", "Italic" or "Regular"?
    Thank you,

  • Try putting the following abbreviations after the font name:

    **(B)** = Bold
    **(BI)** = Bold Italic
    **(I)** = Italic
    E.g., to get Verdana Bold use **Verdana (B)**
    Best Wishes,

  • Thank you mark,

    actually your approach doesn't work for me.
    But it does if you just put the font name followed by the extra.
    But there is an inconsistency.
    "Verdana Bold Italic" work
    "Verdana Italic" doesn't (actualy there was a typo, it works well!)
    There are even complete fonts where it just switches to a default font, because it can't take the right one.
    It seems to be, that at on some fonts, you need to add "Regular", "Italic", etc...