Spout output in memoryshare mode?

  • I'm trying to get Isadora to send via spout on my lowly x201 netbook (I know, I know).

    The demo apps both work and I can get the Izzy receiver to work but no go with the sender.
    Is this because it won't work in memoryshare mode? The integrated graphics on the laptop are Intel HD.
  • Tech Staff

    using only the integrated graphics, there may be limitations. ( I know some of its functionality relies on nVidia interops (supported by AMD as well))

    Might be best to search the official spout forum. http://spout.zeal.co/forums/forum/spout/

  • Yeah I gave up on this route as it seemed like a poor idea generally.

  • make sure you have the latest spout version installed in your isadora plugins folder and that you check dx9 when you install spout. There is the spoutcam option as well, but I know Intel gfx aren't the best to use.