• First... I love the new functionality of the "Go Trigger"... nice!

    However, I often build projects where each scene is played by a specific MIDI input note from a MIDI keyboard. (This is done for music concerts where the rehearsals need the cues to be non-linear rather than sequential).  In the current arrangement, the "Go Trigger" **preferences are global**... I am not able to set different MIDI notes for different scenes.  Not a big deal... I can still use what I have in the past (MIDI Key Watcher that triggers a Jump).  Just putting this into the "wouldn't it be nice" category as you evaluate the feedback from the new features.
    2.2 has been a great update you all!  Great work... and thanks.

  • Dear @kdobbe,

    We could consider, as a feature request, the idea of adding a per-scene trigger – sort of like how you enter the fade times. 
    Could other users chime on a feature like this an how important it seems to them?
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    I see value in this. I am more likely to use this for the shows I do than GO triggers as they are. I play live and require non linear playback.

  • Agreed on the non-linear functions request. Also, for my purposes, I can see the value of an MTC reader integrated globally and the ability to assign MTC values directly to each Scene - as most light consoles do. For MTC I'd also request freewheel and TC offset/lag compensation.

  • I would also appreciate non linear go triggers possibilities, even if the workaround described by kdobbe is perfectly workable. I would add, even if that's OT, that I would really like the addition of non linear fade curves between scenes. But typing that, I realize that in non-linear scenarios, fades can potentially be a nightmare to manage.