Connecting Unity to Isadora via Syphon

  • SO I've created 2D game on Unity that I'd like to projection map onto a building, but I can't figure out how to do that! I tried adding the Syphon server and texture to Unity Game Objects, and the server is being recognized by the Syphon Receiver in Isadora, but the output/stage preview is completely blank. What am I doing wrong?

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    Can you provide a screen capture of your Isadora patch?... that may help us.

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    Have you tried reception with other syphon receiver (Syphon Simple Client), to know if the problem is Unity side or Isadora side. Concerning Unity, the way to produce image is alike bit tricky and I had time to success here. It's important to have the right materiel and the right shader.

    Try with syphon simple client, If it's Unity related,I can try to help you.

  • Reading your post, I see you added Syphon to game object, but you have to add it to your main camera.

  • I tried what Jacques recommended and indeed this is a Unity problem. It seems that the Unity plugin does not support OpenGL Core. To change this in Unity go to Player Settings and Uncheck 'Auto Graphics API for Mac'. This reveals a list of Graphics API's. Reorder the list so that OpenGL2 is on top.

    I am using the 5.4 beta 13 and it only works using the older OpenGL2 which is deprecated. Metal shows a still image, so isn't blank like OpenGLCore but still doesn't work.

  • Update, this only works in the Editor. When trying to build the app, the app fails to launch. So, no real solution, although it's obvious the problems are in OpenGL.  Unity lists OpenGL2.1 as , so while I guess it works OK in the Editor, we can't actually build an app using OpenGL 2.1.

  • I found a version of the Unity plugin that works - Funnel:

    Only works on 64-bit builds though, but is what I need!