Small little plugin to shutdown the computer...

  • Hey everyone...

    I made this simple plugin to just shutdown the computer with a certain timeout.
    so after a movie for example stopped and triggered this actor it will shutdown everything.

    I made it for Fubbis Show-In-The-Box for the Rhythm Monks.
    Just thought that it may be handy for some of you.


  • Dear Nono,

    I'm sure people with installations will find this useful. Thanks for posting it. ;-)

    One question, to clarify this for the users: let's say I have a document in some other program that is not saved (e.g., some text in MS Word or whatever.) If you execute this plugin, will I be asked to save the file or will it just shut down no matter what?

    If it will shut down no matter what, then it would be good to mention this in your post so people will be alerted to this fact.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hey Mark,

    you are right. Actually it was planned to create the harsh version. But that would have meant that the user needs admin rights on the system and to enter the admin password into a field of the actor. So this plugin will try to close programms gently, meaning that it will halt for all not saved documents and what so ever... this means that it is more or less save.
    If anyone is interested i could add a brutal option to it.


  • Thanks for the clarification!

  • @nono - I hope you can still get this reply after so long....

    I tested your NonoBomb plugin on izzy v2.6.1 today and it worked great - i love the idea of managing the mac from within isadora - and I especially love the analogy of the bomb - it's weirdly exciting, and the two-trigger interface is a great idea, aswell as the countdown / abort*.

    My questions:

    1. Could this be redeveloped for Izzy v3? (see @Woland's call for plugins content)
    2. Could this have an option to RESTART the mac, rather than just SHUT DOWN?
    3. Could a timed POWER ON / WAKE UP be even encoded in this?

    many thanks!


    * there needs to be an izzy game with some kind of red wire / blue wire thing going on!