New triple output to avoid older Tripleheads

  • @Fred

    My set is very special and I project inside in rear projection. I can't use a single projector because of distance and shade of the structure.
    I just went on a Tony... Hackintosh site to have another feedback too.
    I need to mix 2 live input HD streams together plus some movies and sometime my image is split on the 3 outputs and sometime it's different sources...
    I also searched around Thunderbolt 2 PCIe boxes to put inside a BM deckling quad (2) but when I add prices after prices, cables and SDI converters I stop breezing.
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    Ciao @fredvaillant tu vas bien?

    listen I did a big project in Rio last summer I used display port TripleH2GO (2, actually, on the last laptop so I had 6 hd outputs) and I tried 2 BM intensity shuttle both usb. It worked perfectly. And I also tried a thunderbolt intensity shuttle along with  a usb model. Just one precaution : i tried almost one year ago and I wasn't able to use 2 thunderbolt BM intensity shuttle as hd video input. But as inputs one thunderbolt and one usb worked perfectly. Also 2 usb worked perfectly. I would finally recommend the TripleH2go and your bm recorder (which is thunderbolt on the second thunderbolt port of your MBP) and anothet BM intensity shuttle usb. What do the collective wisdom thinks?

  • Bom Dia @Armando,

    I listen carefully your advises. It"s true I'm not a computer man, I'm better in creation and set installation so I spent already many days to be in touch with actual material and I'm not happy with what I found. I'll order this material but it will not be mine, not my money  so I can't do a mistake.
    By the way, as I wrote in another post, after several trys, I've been able on Mavericks to use 2 BM ultrastudio minirec (and I have them).
    I need to decide between the easy way appleshop or spend more time to build an Hackintosh boat, put a capitan on and start my sea crossing.

  • Hi Fred,
    Can you specify what kind of signal you want to capture ?
    One solution could be :
    one box like this :
    with inside a Blackmagic decklink duo card.
    note that the decklink duo is limited to 1080p30/1080i60, you can not capture 1080p60 with this card.
    The box has thunderbolt in/out, so I think you can still connect a projector to the thunderbolt out.

  • Hi Mehdi,

    I turned around this product and it's written on akitio website compatibility : Graphic card of any kind are not supported ! but they say OK for BM decklinck studio...
    I didn't find the OWC Mercury Helios 2 in France, the cheapest I only found was the SONNET Echo Express SII which is much expensive on Macway then on sonnet website but with the Blackmagic card 
    I need to think for a single project because as I said I will not keep this material later. I'll catch two 720p inputs (and I still bought a BM ultrastudio minirec for rehearsals) and output three 720p over 3 hdmi 30 m (or vga premium).
    Is it too much to ask you more about your Hackintosh choices ? You selected Skylake, I read there were some problems before 10.11.4, is it solved ? It's brand new and harder to find what works around... Did you find a mother board with Thunderbolt 2 ? Or are they on the graphic card ?
    Thank's all for your advices.

  • Hi Fred,

    A BM decklink is not a graphic card, it's a video capture card maybe hard to get, but you have to accept it.  They are right with their specs, and you should be fine with this setup.
    I am on a project that will involve this exact setup on next monday.
    We have a macbook pro with a decklink duo, and 2 projectors.
    I will give you a feedback on this.
    I can't advice on Hackintosh, never did this, I prefer windows to OsX personnaly...

  • Thanks, I'm waiting for this next useful feedback.

    It's funny, you prefer Windows and use a MacBook Pro, I prefer OsX by habits and search around PC.
    It's strange that on Sonnet or OWC, BM decklinks are compatible and not on Akitio. It it this Thunder 2 PCIe you'll use ?
    Have a good project, busy man.

  • Hi Fred,

    Akitio's website says it's compatible with decklinks for what I see.
    I'm working on a project involving a macbookpro, but that's not my part of the job here... 
    have a nice day too !

  • @[fredvaillant]( 
    It was based around this motherbaord GIGABYTE GA-Z170MX, here is a starter to get it going
    Also nvidia GFX cards GTX970-but the model with 256 bit not 128 bit memory - you should be able to get two of these running nicely.
    32 gig of ram, pic whatever you want, ADATA SSD Premier Pro SP920
    This case -Aerocool Dead Silence Cube Black Edition
    and Intel® Core i7-6700, 3,4 GHz CPU
    There are some tricky steps to get it going as a hackintosh but it is doable, anyway it is a pretty good machine. 
    I also added all the extra fans I could (super silent ones) in the case.

  • Thanks for that, I'll study this architecture.

    Fred .

  • Hi Fred, the akitio enclosure works with a blackmagic decklink duo. It works for simultaneous capture in Isadora. Mehdi

  • Thanks Mehdi, I chose the Hackintosh solution. I'll receive composants next monday... I'll try maybe akitio for my own MBP...

  • @Mehdi,

    Still happy with Akitio ? 
    The person in charge of the Hackintosh solution didn't attempt to make it work perfectly... I lost 2 months for that and I need to find and receive my configuration in 2 weeks.
    I still hesitate between classic old Mac Pro or MBP or iMac with Thuderbolt/PCI extern BM Decklink duo 2.
    Did you try to use the thunderbolt chain of akitio ?

  • Hi Fred,

    Yes, we used the aktio and it worked fine.