New triple output to avoid older Tripleheads

  • Hi Fred,
    Can you specify what kind of signal you want to capture ?
    One solution could be :
    one box like this :
    with inside a Blackmagic decklink duo card.
    note that the decklink duo is limited to 1080p30/1080i60, you can not capture 1080p60 with this card.
    The box has thunderbolt in/out, so I think you can still connect a projector to the thunderbolt out.

  • Hi Mehdi,

    I turned around this product and it's written on akitio website compatibility : Graphic card of any kind are not supported ! but they say OK for BM decklinck studio...
    I didn't find the OWC Mercury Helios 2 in France, the cheapest I only found was the SONNET Echo Express SII which is much expensive on Macway then on sonnet website but with the Blackmagic card 
    I need to think for a single project because as I said I will not keep this material later. I'll catch two 720p inputs (and I still bought a BM ultrastudio minirec for rehearsals) and output three 720p over 3 hdmi 30 m (or vga premium).
    Is it too much to ask you more about your Hackintosh choices ? You selected Skylake, I read there were some problems before 10.11.4, is it solved ? It's brand new and harder to find what works around... Did you find a mother board with Thunderbolt 2 ? Or are they on the graphic card ?
    Thank's all for your advices.

  • Hi Fred,

    A BM decklink is not a graphic card, it's a video capture card maybe hard to get, but you have to accept it.  They are right with their specs, and you should be fine with this setup.
    I am on a project that will involve this exact setup on next monday.
    We have a macbook pro with a decklink duo, and 2 projectors.
    I will give you a feedback on this.
    I can't advice on Hackintosh, never did this, I prefer windows to OsX personnaly...

  • Thanks, I'm waiting for this next useful feedback.

    It's funny, you prefer Windows and use a MacBook Pro, I prefer OsX by habits and search around PC.
    It's strange that on Sonnet or OWC, BM decklinks are compatible and not on Akitio. It it this Thunder 2 PCIe you'll use ?
    Have a good project, busy man.

  • Hi Fred,

    Akitio's website says it's compatible with decklinks for what I see.
    I'm working on a project involving a macbookpro, but that's not my part of the job here... 
    have a nice day too !

  • @[fredvaillant]( 
    It was based around this motherbaord GIGABYTE GA-Z170MX, here is a starter to get it going
    Also nvidia GFX cards GTX970-but the model with 256 bit not 128 bit memory - you should be able to get two of these running nicely.
    32 gig of ram, pic whatever you want, ADATA SSD Premier Pro SP920
    This case -Aerocool Dead Silence Cube Black Edition
    and Intel® Core i7-6700, 3,4 GHz CPU
    There are some tricky steps to get it going as a hackintosh but it is doable, anyway it is a pretty good machine. 
    I also added all the extra fans I could (super silent ones) in the case.

  • Thanks for that, I'll study this architecture.

    Fred .

  • Hi Fred, the akitio enclosure works with a blackmagic decklink duo. It works for simultaneous capture in Isadora. Mehdi

  • Thanks Mehdi, I chose the Hackintosh solution. I'll receive composants next monday... I'll try maybe akitio for my own MBP...

  • @Mehdi,

    Still happy with Akitio ? 
    The person in charge of the Hackintosh solution didn't attempt to make it work perfectly... I lost 2 months for that and I need to find and receive my configuration in 2 weeks.
    I still hesitate between classic old Mac Pro or MBP or iMac with Thuderbolt/PCI extern BM Decklink duo 2.
    Did you try to use the thunderbolt chain of akitio ?

  • Hi Fred,

    Yes, we used the aktio and it worked fine.