Creating a fractal with Isadora

  • Hello

    i would love to hear about those of you who might have created a fractal with Isadora. How did you do it?
    I have written a max patch that uses chaotic dynamical math for audio design and fractal midi but i would also like to convey that if possible into visuals
    Currently i am using the fractal midi data to control the audio and using the audio with syphon and Quartz Composer for a visual component but i would like to get more of an Ikeda/henon feeling if possible
    Thoughts? Suggestions Patch Perhaps?
    I would love to see some fractal math in IZZY
    Thank you

  • Hello,

    To my knowledge, there is no possibility do build fractals in Isadora. My way would be to use processing where do you can find many sample to do fractals like here:
    After that it's quite easy to send the images (even with alpha) to Isadora via Syphon and to change the parameters from Isadora via OSC.
    You can find docs about that.

  • That's a relatively simple solution Jacques, thanks.

    I DID see a JAVASCRIPT object in Isadora, anyone fooled with that?

  • you can simply use  a shader and load it into isadora through an FFGL plug in

  • here a screenshot 92f0f9-cattura-frattale.png