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    I am trying to update my projects in order to have the most GPU actors in use possible. Depending on what is needed, it is nevertheless not possible yet to have 100% GPU running projects, so my question is, how much sense has to attempt to do this, if in the patches "gpu-cpu converters" have to be applied? (see image attached)


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    well, if you really want to use 'wave' and you are using GPU based fx after this then this is the best option.

    If you are not using more GPU effects after, I would suggest running it out as vid CPU. (reducing every possible conversion will help)
    Another trick I sometimes do is branch the GPU video, so I have the GPU pipeline and a CPU pipeline (generally I reduce its resolution to 1/2 or 1/4)
    Play with each as needed and mix again at a later point. This helps me to reduce conversions, and the scaling during the conversion to CPU will save a lot of processing power.
    Although, you can't always do this.

  • @camilozk,

    Just to be clear: the old "Pete's Plugins" FreeFrame actors are all CPU based, and unless Pete Warden decides to update them, they'll never be GPU. If you use those plugins, there's unfortunately not another solution.
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  • loud and clear guys. thank you very much

    Allow me anyway to put a real example to analyze it. The example is invented but it could perfectly be the case; In the configuration that appears in the image attached, where everything is GPU based except for "wave", it makes more sense to convert to CPU before and after "wave" rather than having the whole proyect CPU based?

  • attached now f95eaa-untitled-1.jpg

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    I would say that the approach makes sense in the case you have shown.

  • cool. thanks dusx!

  • Dear @camilozk,

    In the case you cite, that's the best approach. However, keep this in mind: converting from CPU to GPU is fast, but the other way around (GPU to CPU) is slow and will reduce performance. Avoid this conversion if at all possible.

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  • I must then hope that the slowness of the GPU to CPU converting is compensated by the efficiency of using mostly GPU based actors, because in most of my set ups I am running several Pete´s Plugins...