• is there a way to use dragon dictate with isadora to speak into a microphone and have live dictated text transcribed real time onto screen?


  • I did this years ago (2000!) because it generated some obscure AppleScript information as it dictated. But I have no idea if the software still works in this way or not. This was on a Mac.

    So, maybe there is a way. But the first question is, are you working on a Mac or a PC?
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  • hi mark - thanks. 2000, huh? you were ahead of the game, that's for sure.

    i'm working on a mac.  dragon dictate 3 and the version of isadora i have been working with is 1.2

  • That sounds like fun!!  It speaks (sorry, couldn't resist)  to something I tried to do a while back, without sucess.



  • Dear Jeremy,

    _"2000, huh? you were ahead of the game, that's for sure"_ -- yes, the original demonstration of Isadora at the Monaco Dance Forum in 2000 had my artistic partner Dawn Stoppiello telling Isadora what to do from the stage, i.e., she was programming it using voice commands while wearing the old MidiDancer system. That was my original Idea for Isadora, that dancers could talk to it to program it while they were in a studio. 
    With that bit of ancient history, let me get back to business.
    OK, here's what you want to ask the Dragon Dictate team: "I'm trying to get Dragon Dictate to interface to an interactive media tool called Isadora. Does Dragon Dictate generate AppleScript events containing the spoken text that can be targeted at a specific application? Isadora is not a text program like MS-Word, etc.; but it can receive Apple Events."
    Send them that and tell us what they say.
    Best Wishes,

  • please let us kniw how u get on as this sounds really exciting.

  • ok - i sent the question.  i'll let you know what they say.


  • this was their answer.  i will contact macspeech....

    "Thank you for contacting Nuance Customer Service.

    We apologize that we are not technically trained for this issue and needs to be handled by the MacSpeech Technical Support team. You can reach the technical support team at 407-241-0618 and option number 2.

    Nuance offers 90 days of free technical support for current versions of the product and requires your registration number for support.



    Nuance Customer Service


  • They are robots aren't they. So you need to buy the software before you can ask if it will work the way you want.

    I would try forums too

  • I say call 'em and see if you can get the info. Or at least an email for someone who can answer the question.

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