Frequency Watcher. Is it precise ?

  • Hi all !! I want to know if the sound frequency watcher is a precise tool for my propose. Very simple task: notes or precise freqs that triggers pictures. I know this is possible but my question focuses on the exactitud of the actor. I´ve seen that freq watcher sends triggers almost all the time around a freq. even with the slope and band with to filter the non wish triggers.

    Any ideas will help !!

  • Dear @maxiwille,

    The Frequency Watcher uses a 256 stage FFT to divide the input sound range into 256 slices. For a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, that's about 86 Hz per band.
    But whether or not you can trigger on a specific note is a different story. An instrument like the violin has numerous overtones for a given pitch. (E.g., for the pitch A = 440Hz, you'll get 440Hz, 880Hz, 1320Hz and other higher frequencies.) How strong these overtones are depends on the instrument in question; the relative power of these frequencies is what makes each instrument sound different. Furthermore, some instruments – like the trumpet – actually produce quite a bit of noise (every frequency) during the first many milliseconds they are produced.
    So, the short answer is this: unless the source is a sine wave (which has no overtones) the Frequency Watcher may not be reliable for picking out a particular note.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi,

     You could try this application: []( have tried it with the notes of a ukulele and works well.

  • yes, imitone is the solution if you need a single note trigger

  • Thank you Mark and all !! So imitone can comunicate with isadora vía OSC ? Or what else.? I would like to solve this within Isadora if is possible because it Will be a non stop instalation so a prefer no to involve other softwares. What im traying to do is that the sound ambient (outside instalation) and peoples sound( gallery) triggers pictures. The focus is the presicion, meaning that must be clear for the audiencia what sound trigger what. So what could be the best aproach for you guys ? Best, Maxi


    Here you have a bit more talk about it.
    The other new tool may be of use as well
    As much I have learned it may be possible to train Wekinator to more precise sound patterns.
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    Is there something like imitone that can do that with more than one voice?

    Also, is there an app that can follow a musician to a writen score? So interactively knows where the musician is in the score. That would be great for sending triggers to Izzy

  • @crystalhorizon

    Cycling 74 Max is the software able to do that, that was his job at the beginning.
    The best would be to have a direct midi connection from instrument to computer if not you can do sound to midi trigger but it's really less precise.
    IRCAM make a paying addition to Max and Pure-Data
    But it's quite difficult to manage, there is some teaching in IRCAM.
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    Dear Jacques,
    That looks really interesting! Thanx for sharing, I will have a deeper look into this.
    All the best,
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    @Mark Your explanation of the Sound Frequency Analysis would be a useful addition to the Isadora manual. "The Frequency Watcher uses a 256 stage FFT to divide the input sound range into 256 slices. For a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, that's about 86 Hz per band." If it is there already I could not find it. Thanks for sharing that. Cheers Bonemap

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    @jhoepffner I looked a little more into antescofo, it looks very interesting. And the community is responding quickly ))

    For sure I will get deeper into it, because it gives me hope to get what I am searching for

  • I was pretty amazed how consistently the sigmund~ external for pure data worked with singing/piano/individual notes. Its truly amazing!

    Apparently it works with max too - never tried it.
    Isn't there a vst wrapper for pure data - maybe it works inside Isadora!
    I never tried [this]( but maybe its also interesting.