OSC triggers from qlab machine?

  • We tried for a long time last night to figure out how a sound computer running qlab can trigger my isadora machine. Is this possible? Can you provide step by step instructions?

    We have been triggering using midi from qlab to isadora, but we are hoping to simplify hardware needs by switching to OSC.

  • hi, i don't use/know Qlab but it seems to be possible: https://figure53.com/docs/qlab/v3/control/osc-cues/

    - in isadora, defaut input port adress is 1234 ( you can change it in the pref) 
    - you.ll be able to know if a msg is triggered by double clicking in the osc tab (at the bottom left of your isadora window) and selecting auto-detect input. if a msg from Qlab is receive, you'll be able to assign him a number (the one you want from 1 to 799) and to put it in your patch with the osc listener actor

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