Jump to end in Envelope Generator

  • Hi,

    I'm new here, so I'm learning a lot fast. Forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, but I didn't see it in my quick search....
    Let's say I have a 60 sec Envelope generator controlling a fade, but I need to jump ahead. Is there anyway to trigger a jump to the end or speed it up mid-process?

  • i don't think its possible with one Envelope Generator, but you can do it with two and a Selector.
    does this do the trick?


  • You can do this by manipulating the "rate" value of envelope. To get a more affordable value, you can use the Limit-Scaled Value actor.


  • Same kind of idea I was having. Just thought might be a nice feature in that actor.


  • I think it'd be a feature request for the envelope generator to update the time input so it to modulates the output in real time. Currently the dynamic manipulation of the time in the envelope generator is not behaving in a manner that I can understand as the values go way beyond the specified values. Perhaps it's a bug.

    As an alternative to dbini's solution which allows you to ramp out to the end value, you can use a pulse generator and a counter to adjust the rate of change. you can also modulate the amount in the counter as that represents the granularity of the change


  • @LPmode - .... or you could use a Wave Generator (set to run once) and change the rate.

    @jandraka - changing the rate once the envelope is running won't work - it resets the envelope first.

  • you can change value0 while it is running and that has the expected effect while it is running, so setting it to the final value means it jumps straight to that value

  • Hello,

    It's an old story, with people asking for a super-envelope actor with fast-forward, playback etc.
    There is a thread about that, there is the possibility to use duration as a timeline.
    I also made a quick sample where you can easily add a go to up or down.


  • @dbini I see you say. However, it´s preventable by changing MIN limit value to 1, eg, in Limit-Scale Value actor. 7f8ba0-envelope-jumper.izz