Windows video mapping options?

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    Just digging around to see if anyone on the forum has suggestions for video mapping from Isadora on Windows systems.
    I know I can use the 3D mesh projector, and a mask image in Isadora. But editing mask files back and forth is far from perfect, and th 3D mesh format no the simplest starting point.
    On mac you have syphon, which opens up many options...
    Any more windows options.??

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    OK, just found this...
    It is a FreeFrameGL plugin that promises outstanding mapping features.
    How far is Izzy from FreeFrameGL support.??

  • I would go crazy for GL support!

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    I have been looking for a video loopback driver for windows without luck. Found one for linux, seems to be a well known option on linux for sharing video between apps.
    Its not a gpu option, but anything would be helpful at this point (its not a mapping solution, but it could get it into one.)

  • Hi,

    Not a solution, but an interesting discussion [here](
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    I have seen this.. its potentially big news for windows users. Can't wait.. its all killing me.

  • "How far is Izzy from FreeFrameGL support?"

    _ _
    It actually works already in my internal version. But it's severely under-tested. As soon as my piece 'loopdiver' ends here in Berlin (Oct 20, 2012) getting this ready will be my top priority.
    Best Wishes,
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    Awesome.. let me know if I can be of ANY help.

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    Nice Openframeworks based mapping app.
    Mac, Linux and Windows.
    As always no live feed (like syphon) for Windows... however they have an interesting suggestion for linux. Its a video loopback driver similar to how you might loopback midi etc..  Makes me wonder if someone who understands the WDM (or what ever the current standadr for windows webcams is) might be able to make a loopback driver??

  • Hey !

    I am new to the world of video mapping, but I can try to help :)
    I discovered a software called HeavyM (available on Mac & Windows) recently, it works really well and is very easy to use.
    The program is free on their page, but they're currently doing a Kickstarter campaign and I read they wish to add syphon and spout connectivity to the software.
    I'm not sure whether this might help you or not, but at least I tried :P