• I am working on a patch that enables using IzzyMap on a single source video and also on each of 4 chopped videos created from the source video. I am sending the single source to a Projector actor and using a Syphon actor to receive it and send it to four Isadora Projectors.

    I initially had low resolution video coming from the Syphon receiver, but then determined the resolution output by the Syphon actor is set by the Preview Stage Size in Isadora Preferences. Is this the recommend way to do this, or is there another way to receive the IzzyMap output from a Projector actor? I am using this patch for a projection that will use 4 video projectors.

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    Don cef64a-screen-shot-2016-04-12-at-5.15.26-pm.png

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    In my collection I have keystone actor, maybe you can check if you have that one as well, then you don't have to send it via syphon but through the keystone actor.

    Best Michel

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    If you use a 3D projector, you can set the destination to 'renderer' and pickup the video with a 'virtual stage' actor. That would allow not using syphon.

  • Dear @dritter,

    The suggestion made by @DusX won't work because you are saying you want to do the mapping and then send that to the Chopper actors. Right now, there's no good solution for this. (What we need is a way to send the output of the normal Projector to a Virtual Stage actor, but we don't have that yet.)
    The only solution at the moment is to set the Preview Stage Size to the size of the image you wish to send. Then, if that Preview is large, you can just move the window so most of it is offscreen. Even if you place everything except the title bar offscreen, it will still work.
    That's going to have to be your workaround for the moment.
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  • Michel, DusX and Mark, ok, thank you for your suggestions. OK, I will keep using Syphon Stage Output and Receiver with the Preview Stage Size set sufficiently large. It seems to be working fine.

    Also, when I use Izzy version 2.2.2, I have an intermittent problem with IzzyMap. Sometimes the icons at the top of the screen are missing. Please see attached.


  • @dritter,

    I've seen this missing icon problem too. I have filed a bug report so that we can get to the bottom of this problem.