Scene List not showing on startup

  • Today Isadora 2.2.2 opens all my .izz files and does not show my list of scenes. I must go to the Isadora menu a click on the Scenes item to get them to show up. Is there a preference setting to cause "show scenes" to be the default condition? Thank you.

  • Dear @vanderzee,

    In v2 and later, the setting of the Scene List item in the View menu is stored with the Isadora file. I have no other reports of this not working.
    Are you opening old files or files saved with v2.2.2? If so, submit a support ticket and send us one of the problematic files and I'll have a look.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hello,

    I have also a view problem. Sometime ( one time on two ), when i open the mapping window, the buttons + / - , input, output etc.... don't appear . 
    I run the latest nvidia drivers ( 364.72 ) with a msi gforce gtx 960 gaming 2G with win 10 64x.
    I have no other graphic problems ( other app etc ... )
    I have sent a ticket but difficult to say without crashrepport.
    If somebody have an idea... ? Thank you.
    Best regards,

  • @Victreux,

    This is a totally separate problem. But I've seen it, and I myself have filed a bug report on it. It will get fixed as soon as we can manage. Until then, you may need to open the Izzy Map window more than once. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.