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    Hello all,

    I recently had someone ask me if there was a way to have a shape start at a specific place on the screen, and use a mouse watcher to control the shape, but not until the cursor was in the correct place, (so as to avoid the shape "leaping" across the screen to the cursor's location).

    Intrigued by the idea, I set about making a User Actor for this purpose, (as I lack the skills to make an actual plugin).


    - Once you set parameters, the shape will start at your specified coordinates. 

    - The shape will not follow the mouse until the mouse reaches the proper x,y coordinates. 
    (This greatly reduces the unsightly "hop" when you enter a scene with a mouse watcher controlling a shape, or something else.)

    - There is a manual override in case you are having trouble hitting your target area mid-show

    - You can increase and decrease the tolerance for your X and Y coordinates.
    (It is impossible to hit a both your X and Y, dead on, at the same time, so the tolerance is your "wiggle room" on either side of the your target values for X and Y.)

    I have attached a zip with the User Actors and a demo patch.

    Have a good one,



  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Tech Staff

    @Skulpture You are very welcome :D

  • Beta Tester

    In case this proves useful, the corner handles in the cornerpinning user actor I released way back as well as the cue blocks in the Timeline toolkit actors have a click and drag behavior which could easily be repurposed for other applications.

  • Tech Staff

    @MatthewH Thanks!