• @Mark News of today is that Apple is going to stop support for win of QuickTime. Also two critical security bugs affect current versione. So if I got win and also Isadora, what I have to expect for the future? I'm a bit scared.

  • That's a very good question...

    Apple, in their decision to stop supporting Quicktime in Windows, have dumped on pro video users in a big way. With this security bug I should uninstall QT on my Windows machines, but if I do that, how am I going to edit ProRes files from my BM camera, for example?

    In some ways, a very canny move from Apple to force pro video people like myself to switch platforms...

  • I've also just seen this news and am considering our options. Certainly, removing QuickTime from Isadora entirely is a possibility, as the code to play Windows files natively is still valid. But then no playback of Apple Pro Res and any other .mov format. That's a pretty serious limitation that we have to think about.

    But for the moment, I would say if you wish to continue using Isadora – as well as other softwares (many) that rely on it – you'll have to keep QuickTime installed.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear All,

    Please read the following about the security alerts.

  • Thanks for the quick answer...this show how much you love your software and all US indeed