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  • Although I've had great success getting syphon input into Isadora from many sources, now that I'm trying to output using the Syphon Server actor, I am not having any luck at all.

    I've been using Mattew Haber 's actors mostly, but have the others I could find installed as well.
    Do I need to do anything other than pass an Image feed into the Syphon Server actor? 

  • Tech Staff

    That is all you need to do to send Sypon back out yes.

    We/I need more detail - what is not working?

  • When I connect the signal from the Video In Watcher to a video to image and then to a SyPhon Server, neither MAX nor the Sphon recorder recognize it as a published stream. I am attempting to use Eyes++ in Izzy and Video Trigger in Jitter I have no problems with using the MAX syphon server into Izzy. The actors and QC Syphon Server files are in the same location as the QC Syphon Client files. Any insight?

  • Ok, I've answered my own question.  There NEEDS to be a Projector connected to the video stream in order for the syphon server to function.

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    Glad you got it sorted.

  • Why is that? It seems (and follows the behavior of the core audio units), they do not activate until the signal path is complete. Is it only me who also has to at least preview a stage before I get syphon output? It would be good if there was a real syphon output actor for isadora.

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    Why are you using the "Video In Watcher" to convert it to an image, you can use the "CI Video In Watcher" and go direct to the Syphon Server.

    As far as I know it's the same with MadMapper if you close the preview window you won't get any video out to syphon.

    You don't need a Projector to publish to syphon just open the preview window and it will go out.


  • I'm using the Video In Watcher so it can go to Eyes++ as well. But the Eyes preview monitor isn't enough for Syphon for some reason. Which Preview window do you mean? Would it be better to go from the CI Video In Watcher and then convert it to video?

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    With preview I mean: Isadora menu called Output-->Force Stage Preview

    Ok, I don't think it makes a different converting either way. By reading the post it just seamed strange.


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