[solved] SOUND LEVEL WATCHER. Max level?

  • Hi All !! is it possible to have a Max level for the sound and trigger input level ? What i need is not to send a trigger when the sound level goes above de min level trigger.


  • If someone can help me or have any ideas very welcome Best Maxi

  • Dear @maxiwille,

    Well, I read your question, but frankly I'm confused what you need. Can you state the problem more clearly?

  • Sorry Mark !! Ok the idea is to trigger pictures or movies when the amplitude sound gets to de triggger level. But the problem I cant figure out is these: when that desire amplitude is grater the trigger will be activated anyway. Example: trigger 1 is set to 10 (amplitude) trigger 2 is set to 20. So if lsound level gets15 trigger 1 wiil be activated, and that is what I dont want to happend. i hope make my self claer. Thank you again Mark as always !!! Best Maxi

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    I would use a series of range tests. Take a look at the 'inside range' actor.

  • Thanks dusx !! i did it. But I think is not possible to ser a Max level range for the trigger or sound level. Am I correct ? Best Maxi

  • Sorry Dusx, now I understand what you mean. But what I need is a Maxim level for the trigger out, rather than values. Inside Range Actor is better with values. Perhaps I can use the "exit" trigger to stop the not desire trigger from the trigger out of the S. L. Watcher.

    Maybe im missing things.... What do you say?

  • you could use a different Sound Level Watcher for each trigger?

  • Thanks Dbini ! Thats the idea. But my problem is these. I NEED to stop the triggers out when the sound level goes avobe the minum trigger level. Best Maxi

  • What about this:

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    it seems that we all do not really understand what you want to achieve. I can just second DusX suggestion with the inside range. Even if you say you just want the trigger not the vlaues. But at the end the range controls the trigger. See attached screenshot. c9b0d0-inside-range.png

  • Thanks guys  for your patience !! Michel Im testing your screen shot. When the sound level goes above 10 the Inside Range send a trigger anyway (can you test it?) Thats the opposite I need. I need a trigger when the sound gets 10 and nothing when gets 11 or higher.

    Thanks a lot 

  • Hi guys ! Im still thinking.. about how the sound level watcher works. when the sound is received the out put does an ascending ramp from 0 to the max level. Here is the problem for my needs i think. If a sound of 50 is received  the ramp goes 0,1,2 ,,,,50.(not 50 directly) So if I have a trigger set in 20 it will be activated anyway because of the ramp going up to 50. Thats why in my first comment I asked if there is the possibility to set the Max sound level. Forgive me for being so insistent, and if Im being so blind to not see it.


  • Dear @maxiwille,

    I'm sorry, I'm still confused.
    Is this what you're trying to achieve:
    Snd Level = 0 to 10 -> Show Picture 1
    Snd Level = 10 to 20 -> Show Picture 2
    Snd Level = 20 to 30 -> Show Picture 3
    To do this, you'd have Picture Player -> Projector. Then you would  connect the 'inside' output of the Inside Range to the 'active' input of the Projector, then only one picture at a time will be shown.
    If so, the Inside Range actor will do the job. As the level goes up, it would show picture 1, then 2, then 3; but then also as it goes down, 3, then 2, then 1.
    The thing is, you cannot depend on getting a value of 50 exactly. It will always be something like 50.234324 or some other number like this, with decimal points.
    Best Wishes,
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    I think what you want is a 'gate' so the values will only pass through once at '50' then the triggers will happen?

    Basically like a threshold? 


  • There's so many ways to achieve this. You could also use a Selector. To fine-control the trigger levels, add more inputs, but leave them unconnected. 10 inputs would give you triggers for each 10 percent. Graham's suggestion of a Comparator is also good - this could also be added to trigger movies that you want to start at the beginning when the desired sound level is reached.c6899f-screen-shot-2016-04-19-at-15.00.16.png

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    Yes. This selector method is concise. Nice.

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    I worked with @maxiwille one to one on this and we solved the issue.

    Basically the videos/media is 4-5 seconds long. So once the clip was triggered once within range it was not wanting to be triggered again until the clip had stopped. 
    So rather than it trigger over and over again inside a range of say 20-30, it was triggered once and then it could move onto another range of 30-40 or 10-20 and another clip could be triggered. 
    I also used a smoother and float to integer to make the values easier to work with.
    There could be an easier way to do this but this seems to work for [maxiwille](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/363/maxiwille)'s needs.
    Screen shot of patch attached. 


  • Yes Skulpture gave me a special hand. Thanks again Graham ! And thank to all of you for spending time thinking and helping me !! Best Maxi

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    for similar things I have made a 'trigger once' actor.

    Very useful, and simple.
    note: the 'trigger thru' isn't needed... it's just one of many 'Thru' actors I have.. they make large patches easier to build.