Captioned Slide Show - is there a more efficient way?

  • Hello!

    I am creating a simple slide show, one image in each scene.
    The images are shown using picture player linked to a projector, and this uses the video-gpu input and output respectively.
    I want to caption these images.
    I am using the text/ure actor to put the caption on the stage. But this has a video-cpu output, so I cannot connect it to the same projector as the picture player. I have to create a second projector for this which has a video-cpu input.
    Is this the right way to do this, or am I missing a way of outputting the two actors to the same projector?

    This will evolve into a more complex project with several stages, one of which will be a monitor for the presenter showing them their lines -  which the audience won't see - as well as the images, so I'd like to get my workflow correct at this point!



  • Use Text Draw instead of text/ure. Gpu drive, more possibilities.

    You have to send the text to it through various possible actors: text, trigger text, edit text control etc.

  • you could use the text draw actor that works with vid-gpu, you can feed the output from the picture player into it, and get the combined output out of it

  • @nick, @jhoepffner
    Thanks so much, works a treat: much smarter!