Alpha Compositing PRORES 4444 with background

  • I think I've done this, but now, 2 hours before the tech, I am blocking out (v2.2.2).

    I thought with alpha channel movie (PRO RES 4444), I should be able to simply put this movie in layer 1, background on layer 0, both to opaque, and it should just work, but it does not. Changing blending mode to transparent, additive, opaque has no effect.

    Keyed image in AE before rendering:

    Urgent help would be much appreciated.

    d9818a-screen-shot-2016-04-17-at-2.46.03-pm.png 77e8e2-screen-shot-2016-04-17-at-2.48.29-pm.png

  • Tech Staff


    set the movie to transparent and layer 1 and the background to layer 0. This should actually work if the movie is really transparent.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks, @Michel.

    In a hurry I forgot to select RGB±Alpha in AE output module. Your suggestion works after that fix.