Bug or noob me?

  • I'm trying to learn how to use virtual stages but I encounter this problem:

    when I manipulate parameters on virtual stage actor it create this kind of pattern (look at image file).
    It's a bug or I did something wrong?


  • Tech Staff


    Just tested on mac and this does not happen here. Maybe someone else on PC can check this? @Skulpture @DusX

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff

    I can't recreate this right now either.

    Please submit a bug report, and I will follow up with you in more detail.
    **[Bug Report/Feature Request FORM]( "opens a new window")**

  • Tech Staff

    This used to happen to me a long time ago (many beta versions back) but on mac. Not seen it for a while.

    Can not recreate on V.2.2.2 Mac OS X.

  • bug report is going to be filled.

    thanks all

  • @maximortal this is definitely something I have run into when doing any generated positional adjustments. Thanks for submitting a report!

  • @k8tefree may I know your config? 'couse I'm going deep into this bug and one possibility is a dependance to the hardware (as you can see I got 2 pc, a desktop and a laptop, with 2 complitely different GPU...the desktop got no problem, the laptop got the issue)

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