Using dividing lines in large User Actors/Macros

  • Hello all,
    I sometimes end up making User Actors/Macros that are a bit unwieldy, which leads to large numbers of inputs and outputs that can be a headache sort through. 
    Lately I have taken to dividing up the inputs and outputs with similar functions into groups and separating them with "dummy" user inputs and outputs that exist just to serve as dividing lines. 
    I am quite pleased with the outcome, and feel like it is a simple, elegant solution that, while purely cosmetic, helps me find what I am looking for much more quickly.
    I just wanted to share in case this might help other people.

    5638e7-lines-to-divide-areas-of-a-large-user-actor-2.png 8d01e2-lines-to-divide-areas-of-a-large-user-actor-2.png 501fb7-lines-to-divide-areas-of-a-large-user-actor.png

  • Tech Staff

    That's really cool.

    Maybe submit a feature request to add 'breaks' into the user actors? It might be easy to do and save you a lot of time. 

  • This has been a request forever :)

  • @fubbi

    Thanks for the info!

  • Could you attach a sample patch too.

  • Tech Staff


    I have used it in my TimerTool as well. You can see it here if you don't have it already:

    Best Michel

  • @vanakaru

    Working on it right now for you, I will have it up here shortly.

  • @vanakaru

    Here you are. 
    Please forgive me, the instructions probably cover things you already know. I just wanted to make the demo useful for new Isadora-users, as well as people who are more familiar with Isadora such as yourself. 
    In the zip there's a demo patch with dummy actors covering a step-by-step, and a few examples of my User Actors that I have used this technique on.
    Hope you enjoy it,

  • @Michel

    Your TimerTool looks fantastic. Downloading now :D

  • @fubbi @Skulpture

    If this is already a feature request, should I:
    - not post in Features with this as a request? 
    - "repost" this as a feature request, even though it has been requested before?
    Thank you in advance for your advice,

  • Tech Staff


    Hope you find the TimerTool usefull.

    You can post this as feature request via the official form ( see my signature) even though it was submitted before. So we can see that other people would like to habe that as well.

    Best Michel

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