How do I get live audio into Isadora in Windows?

  • I'm baffled....

    On a Mac there are the core audio plugins, sound input, audio delay, etc.
    What's the equivalent in Windows?

    I would like to take live audio and video from a webcam, process the audio (putting a delay on it so I don't get feedback through the PA) and then output it, spacializing the sound. Right now I'm at a loss even how to start getting the audio into Isadora on Windows.

    I'm running Win7x64 and Win10x64.



  • So, I'm told this isn't possible, that you can't bring live audio into the Windows version of Isadora.

    @mark, I'm pretty disappointed about this. I trust you'll be bringing the equivalent functionality that the Mac version has to the Windows version? I'm talking about the ability to work with sound in any meaningful way beyond using recorded sound as a trigger.



  • Tech Staff


    I hope you have made some progress with the OSC or Midi solution I suggested.
    I have decided to write a tutorial on working with Isadora and external audio software (Ableton, renoise, Reaper). 
    Hopefully this will help any other PC users that are finding this difficult. 
    Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't supply any equivalent to Core Audio, so any solution that is offered will, like Core Audio, likely not be cross platform. I know that this is an important feature that the team has discussed.
    Again, I would like to offer you my help if needed.  

  • Yes, a bit further down the line and I completely understand that this issue is not about Isadora, but about the different capabilities of the different platforms. So my criticism of Isadora and my snark at @mark are completely unwarranted.

    But thank you, Ryan, for giving this some love. I look forward to the tutorial!

    Thank you so much, too, for the support, investigation, experimentation that you've been doing on my behalf behind the scenes.

    I've not had a moment to try out the solutions you suggested, but to do so is high on my ToDo list. I imagine when I get back to this particular project I'll be reaching out to you!

  • Following up on this a few months later...  Sorry, @DusX, that we didn't really have time to talk about this in Berlin!

    I tried working with Cuebase SE and Isadora, communicating with Midi, but was not able to find a satisfactory solution. Possibly my lack of expertise in Cubase.
    So, I tried installing Isadora on my creaky 2008 Macbook Pro to ingest, treat, and output the four-channel audio, controlling it from Isadora on my PC via OSC. On a wired network there was not a lot of lag, and it was so simple to achieve what I wanted in Isadora.
    The problem is that I only have a PC licence, so I cannot save the Isadora files on the Mac, and have to rewrite the patch each time I start up (or after each crash).
    Is the only way around this to swap my PC licence for a USB one?

    It's a shame that the audio actors aren't available in Windows Isadora installations, as one could write and save the patch in Windows and copy it over to the Mac...

  • Tech Staff

    Yes, I think the answer is yes. The USB license option is probably the best for this specific usage.

  • Izzy Guru


    Or take a screenshot of the patch you are doing on a Mac and maybe I can do that for you so you don't have to rewrite it for this purpose.

    Best Michel