[Solved] Possible HSBA (Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Alpha) Bug?

  • Hello All,
    I am playing with colors a lot for my current project, and was confused by the way the "Color Maker HSBA" and "Color to HSBA" actors were working with some other actors. 
    I then hooked them up to each other and became even more confused by their behavior.
    Granted I have not really used the HSBA actors very much before, so it may just be that I do not fully understand how they work.
    It does seem strange that:
    • The "brightness" input on the Color Maker HSBA actor does NOT affect the "brightness" output on the Color to HSBA actor.
    • The "alpha" input on the Color Maker HSBA actor affects the "brightness" output on the Color to HSBA actor, but the scale for the "brightness" output is (0 to 1) instead of (0 to 100).
    • No input on the Color Maker HSBA actor can affect the "alpha" value output on the Color to HSBA actor.
    Is this the way these actors are supposed to work or is this a bug? I just wanted to make sure it was actually a bug, and not me misunderstanding, before I submitted an official bug report.
    I have attached the patch with this simple setup shown above, feel free to play around with it.
    Thanks in advance,

    edbe8d-hsba-3.png e2e039-hsba.izz.zip

  • Dear @Woland,

    You found a bug in the Color to HSBA actor. The alpha measurement was being written to the 'brightness' output.
    Fixed plugins for Mac and Windows are attached. Follow the instructions [from the knowledge base](http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/installing-an-isadora-plugin-manually/) to install these plugins manually.
    Best Wishes,

    038016-color-to-hsba-mac.zip 3fe83b-color-to-hsba-win.zip

  • Dear @mark ,
    Thank you very much for the new plugin(s). 
    I certainly hope I am not annoying  you with the small bugs I am finding.

  • Dear @Woland,

    You're welcome. And to adapt the old adage about actors:
    "There are no small bugs, just small programmers."
    Best Wishes,

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