• Hello,

    Since 2.1, I have problems opening Isadora files:
    – when I open directly a file (clicking on it) with all the movies at the right place, all fine
    – when I do File/Open, there is a Finder window with many time before I can search in it, as it is a task done in background
    – when I import a file through File/Import, same problem, not when I use "click and drag"
    – If there is a search for missing files , it can run a search during many minutes, not able to click on "locate manually" even forcing me to "force quit"
    – I received a patch from a student, It was impossible to open, blocking the machine for the same reason (missing files).
    Am I the only one to feel that?
    I report the bug.
  • Izzy Guru


    I never had this problem. Could you fill out the bug report form on the website please?

    Best Michel

  • Dear Michel,

    Yes I filled a bug report.
    Best, Jacques