Vioso Calibration software for project mapping (for Touchdesigner) and 3d mapping in Madmapper

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    Hi there,

    I just discovered this piece of f software for Touchdesignere (only works in the pro version) it seems interesting. Is it interesting for @Mark to give a look and see if there are good ideas? There is also and advancement in 3d mapping in Madmapper 2 that is really interesting. 

  • @Armando

    Yes I think too that Touch designer is a great piece of software. I will buy a windows machine to use it…
    Concerning madmapper and 3D mapping, I just feel it is very limited (at minimum for my use). I continue to explore the Unity 3D path and I am preparing a paper on it with a sample from a real performance (I will ask your help for english translation), explaining how to follow a real 3D structure with a perfectly geometric mapping on it.
    Avantage of Unity:
    – you can prepare your models in C4D, Ketchup or Blender, it is imported as it in Unity and the change you make in your models are updated at the  moment in Unity.
    – you can move, deform, rotate your models with axis of your choice with OSC
    – you reimport it with alpha in Isadora for other use
    – Unity for this use is free (as in free beer), syphon is free, I only paid 40$ for an easy OSC plug-in (but you can program OSC freely) and 25$ for a shift and tilt plug-in for camera, allowing to have a realistic model of VP with lens shift.
    I work hard to test the process, make images and write the manual. More news in few weeks.
    All the best for you in Montreal…
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    Thank you Jacques for your tireless work. As for the use I think that the 3d mapping is very good even for complex building mapping. I don't need to create a big 3d printed object like Madmapper people do in the help pdf. A building is a 3d object. You don't need a pc I installed mad mapper onto a windows 10 partition on the Macbook grounder bootcamp. Works like a charm....

    What I don't get is your unity usage.
    Thanks. Don't forget to tell me if you come to Montreal. I'll show you around. I missed your wife here when she came but she told me late. I'll be in Paris for a weekend in June (but too short I'll be in a exhibition in Caen). So pleas tell me if you come.

  • Dear Armando (and Isadora techies),

    Why Unity?
    It's a little bit long story but I summarize.
    For the Anne Collod's project "le Parlement des Invisibles" (May 11 and 12 in CND Paris/Pantin), she asked me to have a moving image screened on a rectangle rotated by a dancer, like a "standing gravestone" (here are pictures with the result)
     I said "no problem", thinking to use mapping but with the beamer making an complicate angle with the rectangle (for reasons not in this scope), the calculation of the movement of the two moving angles was a nightmare. For the rehearsal I tried a 3D object imported in Isadora with 3D player but the setting are not geometrical correct and I ended in impossible task. Then I used the new projector, using the 3D possibilities but it was very long to adjust it correctly with trial and errors and necessary to finish with a little bit of mapping.
    I was interested in Unity since a long time and with the free version 5 able to us Syphon and plug-ins, I plunged in.
    With that I can have a very precise setting of the theater (highness and distance from beamer to stage), of the rectangle, of the lens angle and shift (that is unique in Unity!), I have real dimensions in cm and I can choose to project a grid on the floor to check the perfect geometry of the system. The video is ended from Isadora through Syphon to a texture in Unity. The image is ended from a camera to isadora through Syphon. It works and it's stable.
    With OSC, I can adjust all the parameter I want in real time, position, rotation, scale, even deform a solid, inflate a balloon, open a door…
    There is a real programming langage (you have choice between javascript and C#) with infinite possibilities, there is a huge physical implementation with weight, gravity, air resistance, collision.
    I work also now on a prototyping model for image projection in Unity and it is also very promising.
    I join some pictures and I am writing a memorandum on it. If you need a lecture in Montreal, there is daily planes from Paris… :-)
    I send you soon a PM, All the best, Jacques

    07a56e-pdi01.jpg 6d06a0-pdi02.jpg 9587cc-pdi03.jpg ede35e-unity-screen.jpg 2e0c6a-unity-with-middle-position.jpg 0ab254-unity-with-high-position.jpg 127ace-unity-with-grid.jpg

  • I forget, there is a teaser here
    the end of the movement is at 00:01:01:00
    for all the movement you have to come at CND see the performance!
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    Ciao Jacques,

    Sorry for the delay... End of the academic yeas is tough here. I understand now sur use of Unity. Very good idea but a big software to du just 3d mapping no?

  • Salut Armando,

    I understand the delay, we are all flooded in deadlines…
    Unity is certainly a big software, but the only one able to do that and there is a huge difference between ordinary mapping and 3D mapping. Beside that I begin to open the Unity's door and I have huge expectancies about the possibilities, shaders, gravity, collisions, sound space…
    Are you coming in Europe this summer? In Berlin for Werkstatt (were I will perform some assistance for teaching)?
    I hope to see you somewhere.
    Ciao, Jacques

  • And 3d mapping in Madmapper is a joke!