• Hello Izzy Hivemind

    I'm wondering what could possibly be causing text to wobble vertically when trying to use a Text Draw actor, with a Wave Generator adjusting the vertical scroll.
    This wasn't the case at first, but as I've been using it there has developed a vertical jiggle.  It also gets recorded when I use Syphon Recorder, so it appears to be in the generation.
    I'm trying to basically do a credit roll.  Is there perhaps a better way to do this?
    Your thoughts are appreciated.
  • Izzy Guru

    What resolution is the Text Draw outputting? You can change the resolution in preferences under Video Imaging Processing. It could be wobbling because if does not have enough pixels to 'move' in under the specified time.

  • Thanks, but I'm not sure I understand that option.

     Do you mean setting the Default Resolution to a higher value?

  • Thanks, I radically increased the vertical resolution and that did it.  But it did change the layout of the text, so that had to be reset, but no big deal.

  • Izzy Guru

    Glad it helped.