MIDI routing, Isadora, Live, and APC40 [solved]

  • Hi, I'm working for now with a sound designer using Ableton Live and APC40, and trying to make him control Isadora. We are both newbies in MIDI world ! We connected our computers through his external audio card and my usb-midi interface. This way we managed to get some controls working, but with still some frustrating issues... For example : when he's moving a fader on his APC, Live is following well of course, but in Isadora I only get the value he stops on, not the continuous variation between start end end. I'm pretty sure solving this only issue could help us solve all the others ! Please help !...

  • First I do not have experience with this controller and contemporery Ableton so my thoughts are kind of general kind.

    This controller has no MIDI out. So you need to control Isadora MIDI with the MIDI created by Ableton.
    That is what you are doing when connecting your computer to his audio card. To get the controls working the way you want with Isadora you need to check what you are sending out of Ableton. 
    I would use utility http://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/ to see what Ableton actually sends and confirm that this is what you are expecting. If not you need to configure Ableton so it does.
    Or you may reroute the controller send directly to the audio card if it is possible.

  • thanx, i sure need a compass like MIDIMonitor to navigate into MIDI world !

    i hope my fellow will find one for ableton's...

  • but in Isadora I only get the value he stops on”

    You could connect the controller to your computer direct via USB to check what params are coming into Isadora any midi Watcher.
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    This is very strange.... I don't know what this could be but I know plenty of softwares that accept the APC40. Hmmm.....

  • I have experienced this too with different controllers - long time ago though - can't really remember why or if you can solve it with Ableton settings. Is it something to do with Midi Takeover mode (in live midi preferences)? You could try playing with that.

    Or just the way midi feedback works (feedback as in feedback to controllers - not as in loops)
    Anyway a workaround is to split/duplicate the midi signal before it gets to Ableton. 
    On a PC you can use midi-ox. I think midipipe does it on a mac. could be wrong though.
    Take the incoming midi from the APC40 - duplicate it and pass one stream on to Ableton and the other through the soundcards to Isadora.

  • Thanx. I'm gonna try these both advices....

  • Great ! 1. APC plugged directly to my computer : I get all controls perfectly - thanx MIDI-monitor ! 2. MIDI-ox on my fellow's computer : took a little while for us newbies, but we managed to split MIDI signals, and, apparently, get to our goals !... Thanx a lot.