Installing Isadora on Linux via WINE

  • Hi there,

    i was attending Mark Coniglio's workshop last week at Performersion Berlin and got to know this wonderful software.

    I successfully installed on a Linux laptop and want to share a little how to :

    I installed on a Manjaro (arch based) Linux on a thinkpad x220 , but every other linux distro should work similar, like ubuntu or debian,

    First you need to have WINE installed, a Program that emulates the Windows OS.

    1. Install the windows version of isadora via WINE

    2. install the free version of  Quicktime for windows.


    I could run Isadora pretty stable for a lot of things we tried, but I
     had also some stability issues:

    for example using the chroma key effect crashed the program and I couldnt use the internal webcam of my laptop out of the box. But I m pretty sure that there are workarounds for these problems (maybe switching the graphics card driver from proprietary to the free linux driver, etc..) that i of course havent had time to check in this short amount of time of the workshop...

    So for me as a linux user this is pretty exciting to be able to run Isadora on my Laptop!

    Cheers, Kris

  • Tech Staff

    Thanks Kris.

    This is good to hear.