• I need to paly MIDI file in Isadora. However I also need to choose single notes of that file to send to the synth. Like while MIDI is playing I need to control what notes could be heard.

    Since MIDI file player has no output controls I thought to send this out on one port and take it in with Note On Watcher, trigger the notes I need while they are coming in and send it to the synth.
    Somehow I can not receive the midi I am sending / nor with Isadora in/out ports or with MidiPipe either. I suspect there is something I misunderstand about midi. I vaguely remember some discussion about midi routing problems, but can not find it. Can someone to enlighten me?

  • I do something similar but with Ableton Live just controlling play and start of reproduction from isadora, but if you HAVE to stay all inside isadora a simple patch like this one works....note that I created two differents virtual port, port 1 that loopback internally in isadora and port 2 that go outside isadora ( i my scenario is routed virtually to ableton, but a phisycal port are the same) db7094-midi.png

  • Hm, how did you create virtual ports? So far I am able to send Midi out to Bidule Plogue and back into Isadora.

  • I'm on win as you can see in signature and I'm using loopmidi...but I guess that there is something also for Mac...MIDI pipe or a name like this I think

  • I see, you are using MIDI ports created by other apps than Isadora. Same here.

  • so as I understend until now your patch must work, maybe issue is somewere else.

    to recap:
    port 1 have in and out too 4 a self loopback
    port 2 have just an out
    can you share a screengrab of your midi config?