Jumping to a different scene with different fades

  • Is there any way to jump from one scene to another and have a fade out/in for one video and no fade at all for another one? I am creating a mask with an image to cover part of a footage but when doing the fade out to another scene, the area that has been masked becomes visible because it is also fading, revealing areas of the video that I want to be hidden.

  • Jump into scene in cut and with Enter Scene Trigger Actor trig an envelope attached to intensity of projector that you wanna fade

  • or do it all in the same scene

  • Thank you for your advice.

    Jump into cut does not work because I need the video to fade (but not the mask) even if I put the enter Scene trigger with an envelop later unfortunately. I might be doing it wrong though.

    If there is no better solution, I might do it all in one scene even though the scene will get extremely big (I would have to put about 10 previously scenes in one). Will the videos get slower if they are all running one scene?
  • Izzy Guru


    What if the mask already exists in the previous/present scene. Wouldn't it then be 100% when cumulated with the coming scene? also check the blend mode from one scene to the other.

    Best Michel

  • I had the mask in both scenes but still did not work because they were blending with the video footage even though  I had set the blend mode correctly.

    But I figured it out!
    I was using a png file with transparency and that was not working. t Iried with the Alpha Mask instead and it seems to be working now.
    Thanks! R