• Hello everyone,

    I've been experiencing what I think may be a bug. I've got a simple patch that triggers movies, then when they get near the end, they fade out and then reset. The problem I have is that, the first time they are played, the end trigger doesn't reset the Movie Player position to zero. I have to manually reset the actor to be able to play it again from the start. Once this has been reset, it triggers fine every time.
    Have a look at these two Macros: they are identical, except that in one, the Movie Player position has been initialized at zero. This one works fine from the off, but when the position input isn't initialized, the trigger won't reset it.
    This seems peculiar to me, so i thought it might be some kind of bug. Could somebody have a look and see if you can recreate it? (you'll have to import a couple of short mov files)


  • Izzy Guru


    yes that seems strange. Can you file a formal bug report?

    Best Michel

  • filed.