• I have different scenes with different projector parameters. Is there anyway I could override all the different projectors so I can move them around at the same time (zoom, position, etc) but without loosing their initial parameters?

    Each scene has a video with a crop actor and a projector (different position, crop and zoom values) but in the end they all look the same dimension and the same position in the projection screen. I would love to move them all at once without having to manipulate each of them every time I set up a new show. 

  • Hi,

    assuming the ratio of your screen is the same in all different setups, you might be looking for 'Stage Setup' - it's under 'Output' in the menu bar.
    But it is not very comfortable, because you have to move the corners with your mouse in the real projection, not in the preview window on the monitor.

  • Hello,

    The subject has been discussed many times…
    2 main solutions:
    – make a user Actor with a projector embedded inside. Any change inside User Actor is the same for all the clones (beware not to change via user input as each change will be only on this avatar, even for externally trigged mapping)
    – make a scene with the projector, activated by all the other scene with video sent via boadcaster/listener.
    Hope that helps,

  • jhoepffner, the first solution does not work because each projector has different settings so I don't think I can use the same User Actor.

    For instance, I have I have 2 videos with different projectors parameter in different scenes:
    **Scene 1 - ****Video 1**
    hor pos: 4
    vert pos: -9
    zoom: 100
    **Scene 2 - Video 2**
    hor pos: -2
    vert pos: 8
    zoom: 80
    Even though they have different parameters, they appear in the same position in the screen because of different crops. Could I create a third projector or other actor that can move these two projectors together to position them at the same time?

  • I dont understand what you want

    – some parameter in different projector are moving together but other are staying separate?
    – some parameter are going to the same values?
    perhaps an example can help to understand your though.
  • Tech Staff

    Maybe global values and set each projectors position relative to the initial global values. Then updating the global values will adjust all projectors. Use a calculator actor after the global values actor to set the offsets.

  • @ragg27 sorry but i also don´t get your need ..love to help but as jacques said it needs some more detailed explanation..

  • Sorry I did not explain myself correctly. I have attached an example (with a shape actor instead of a movie player actor to make it simpler) and I hope this clarifies it.

    I have two examples in the file:
    **A: scene 1 and scene 2:** When jumping from one scene to the other, the shape is exactly in the same location in both scenes even though they have different parameters in actors **Crop** and **Projector. **
    **B: scene 1 and 2:** Here I created a shape to use as a mask. The mask is cropped with a user actor so I can reuse the dimensions in different scenes. Since this is happening before attaching the projector, as you see in the example, the two shapes don't match. 
    I want to be able to move multiple shapes (in my project I have about 50 scenes with videos) so I can move them simultaneously without changing the relative position and without having to manipulate them individually.


  • Tech Staff

    I think that using Global Values as I mentioned will work for you.
    Attached is an image that shows how to setup the relative values, and how the master values can be set.
    This assumes you have Isadora version 2. Global Values are a new feature.
    The only issue I can think of is that the 'Set Global Values' actor can't be in each scene, other wise its values will be output on enterscene.

    Instead it probably makes sense to have it only in the first scene.. where you can make adjustments.. and then have those adjustments applied to all others via the updated global values.
    Using this method, it should be easy to build a Projector, User Actor, that Gets a global value for each input, and exposes (via 'user input') a relative offset value.


  • DusX, thank you so much. that is exactly what I was looking for.