Stream Audio with low latency

  • Hi everybody,

    That's my first message on forum so I hope It will be interesting...

    So, I have to stream a stereo audio live for 100 smartphones with headphones. Listeners will bring their own smartphones.
    I wonder if isadora can stream audio with low latency (it's live performance) on a local netwok... I'm no good with tcp actors but maybe It should be a solution ?

    I found some solutions but to much latency and I used to work with isadora, so maybe...

    Thanks a lot !

  • Isadora will not help you much here, and this is a tough job, something like ffmpeg will help you out and look at high end routers with multicast ability - you can send a stream to the router and it will make it multicast without need a heavy server Ruckus have a system called smartcast but there are other variations each with their own ups and downs..