Help with Fonts for Text Actors

  • Hello!

    Is there anyway to download fonts and add them to the selection on the text user actors?
    I am doing a project that focuses on typography and would like to use isadora to create a presentation with many fonts. 
    Also is there anyway to create one piece of text with multiple fonts in it. for example in the sentence "I like cats". "I like" in one font and "cats." in another. 
  • Tech Staff

    Apple Mac or Windows please?

    Both have quite different systems to handle fonts.


  • Mac.

    I'm also struggling to layer text. 
    ex: have many different text layers at different rotations appear on top of one another without the distortion of an additive blend. 

  • Dear dallasfields,

    Any fonts you add to the system should appear in the font popup of the actors. So that shouldn't be a problem.
    But Isadora doesn't support multiple fonts within the same actor unfortunately. There just isn't a way to do this at the current time.
    Best Wishes,