• dear troika team,

    do you think that at some release it will be a possibility to record stage including sound? i created 2 videos fully generated in Izzy (and will continue to do so) but then i always have to audio synchronise them in a different program again :(
    a bit annoying to be honest. 

  • I know that this could be a good feature, but as a workaround I use a blackmagic capture box (cost 150) and use the HDMI out for audio and video and route in back into blackmagic media express. You get perfect quality files running on completely different processes to Isadora with great quality, the recording process does not interrupt Izzy.

  • Tech Staff

    The BM option is great if you are able to run everything at full fps. I still often render at a decreased framerate due to the complexity of FX... so my options are limited this way. Re sync only takes a couple minutes

  • Izzy Guru

    Quicktime screen record? Screen-0-matic?

  • I run today in the same problem and wish the possibility to record stage including sound. Any chance?

    any way more possibility for routing sound will be appreciate.

  • "A++ best request, will request again. "

    I likewise want to record a stage with sound. I use Isadora for movie editing and am not loaded up with other hardware or software, so would greatly appreciate this function. Will investigate Skulpture suggestions (for windows I hope)  but would also like to hear an explanation of how others are syncing up audio which is created in Isadora. 

  • well i still simply do all the work in isadora and then just put the recorded movie in premiere pro and sync it! not convenient but it works.

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    @jfguiton @CarlMDB @gapworks

    I use the syphon recorder and route the sound via soundflower, then I can select soundflower in the syphon recorder app.
    Best Michel

  • thanks for your tip

    I use it too but I wanted to make  something for a student without enough computer knowledge and it would be better to have this inside Isadora with only one button in the controls to record on/off

    Best Jean-François
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    I use also syphon recorder, instead of Soundflower that crashes my machine I use Amarra sQ+