[SOLVED] How to Make Image of Chasing Lights?

  • I have been given a week to design an event based around a game show. Most of what was asked gave me the feeling that this would be fairly easy. I know that a majority of my time will be in creating the graphics, so I don't have a lot of time for programming Izzy. I was wondering if anyone has programmed a look of lights chasing in series as they would like that look for the border of the image. Given time, I'm sure that I could come up with it as it should be three envelope generators bringing a value up, pausing, and then bringing it back down (or some such) with a pulse generator keeping time. If there are better suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

  • you could generate a three-node envelope in a single Envelope Generator actor, rather than three separate ones, but I would use a series of Wave Generator actors instead. You can set them to square wave if you want the 'lights' to switch on and off, or sine or triangle for different fades. set each one to a slightly different phase and it should result in a chase.

  • Dear @dgaddy,

    I would probably just make three pictures, with the lights where I needed them, and the brightness of each third light higher than the rest. For the first photo it would be bright - dim - dim, for the second dim - bright - dim, for the third dim - dim - bright. Then three Wave Generators out of phase by 33.333 percent to control the brightness, as shown in the attached picture. You might want to use the 'triangle' shape instead of 'sine', or introduce a Curvature actor to change the brightness response.



  • Thank you for the ideas.  This is last on my list, but these should make it much easier to accomplish if I get the time!



  • Update:

    Worked great.  I needed to make sure that only the lights were the image for the chase as I originally tried to include them as part of the background image.  When I did that, the whole image appeared to flicker, but when I had the lights on top of the background, it looked wonderful.