• It seems some have touched upon this issue in the 0f25 thread, but as I am using 0f24, I thought it best to start a new discussion...
    My Macbook Pro was recently stolen, and I'm now forced to run Isadora on an older machine (specs at the end of post).  Everything installed properly, and I haven't been getting any error messages or crashes, but my movie player actors have been sporadically freezing on the first frame of the movie when I enter a scene.  The position bar still advances, but the the movie remains stuck on a static frame.  If I turn the movie player off, and then on again, it runs just fine.  This is a very simple show, nothing CPU intensive, just a movie player and projector, and a note on watcher connected to jump.  The weird thing is that it wouldn't happen all the time, I would say 75% or so.  I believe I have fixed the problem by adjusting the start time and position value of the movie slightly, which is fine for this show, which doesn't require a lot of precision.  But if I am to be using this computer until I have enough cash for a new MBP, I'd like to figure out what's going on.  Here's my setup:
    Build 1.3.0f24
    G5 tower, dual 2 Ghz
    8GB Ram
    OSX 10.4.11
    I have compressed all of my files using photo JPG at 29.97fps, and kept the resolution the same throughout the project
    General Service 8x per frame 4.171 mS
    No Threaded Playback
    Playback Read-ahead = None
    Quicktime Pro version 7.6.6


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    I had this the other week, all i did was turn my machine off and turn it back on the next day. It's never happened since.

  • Hmmm.... I can try to recreate this -- if it happens 75% of the time.

    Please send a bug report via http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ -- then send me an example patch, instructions on how to make the bug happen, OK?  Also please tell me also the resolution of the movies.
    Best WIshes,
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    I can never re-create this problem.

    For me it seems to be when i've installed a new version (often the beta versions you send me Mark) and for a day or two my machine can act strange and then it settles. Its nearly always the Stage Output going black.

    I am never concered as I believe it is my old machine just being a grouch! I think its the graphics card. From the info above I think its the older machines.

    @knowtheatre you may find the problem has stopped, or will do in a day or two. If not then my theory will clearly be wrong!