[SOLVED] Playlist playback and fading

  • I'm a bit stuck here in my understanding of Isadora.

    I'm attempting to create a playlist of videos that will be interacted with by an actor and controlled with cue buttons.

    Actor says line, cue  button pressed.. Isadora plays video of a puppet saying their lines.  Then the puppet will stay in a motion loop of a 2n video, until the actor says their lines and then the next video sequence is activated.

    Similar to how a video game character animation works.

    You have animation for the character standing still.. Then you move the character and it flows into a motion animation of a walk or run, then back into a standing still motion.

  • Izzy Guru


    You have to set the loop mode on the movie player for the talking puppet to "off" and then use the loop end trigger of that movie player to trigger another movie player to start the loop. See attached image.

    Best Michel