HELP! Kinect Xbox 360 body tracking!

  • Hey guys! I am a student and am doing a project with motion tracking using isadora and Xbox Kinect 360. I have connected everything up together but am finding it difficult to put say and image over top but track it on a left hand or right hand. I have played around with particles but also find that the coordinates are not exactly over top of the hand. Any suggestions? I would ideally like to have an orb or light track over the hand to appear as if you have "powers". Thanks.

  • i usually change the MIN and MAX of my x and y in the 3D Particle Generator to -65/65 for x, 45/-45 for y. then combine this with a LimitScale Value on each stream to calibrate the OSC coming from the kinect (via NiMate)

  • Tech Staff

    This is all to do with scaling!
    10mins onwards.

  • @dbini is it possible i could get a screen shot?

  • and 02e8bf-screen-shot-2016-06-08-at-09.38.09.png

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