[SOLVED] dualhead2go analog

  • i have an old dualhead2go analog. i don't get it to run on my retina MBP 2014. some people wrote that SwitchResX could help. any ideas?

  • el capitan...

  • or can you recommend a solution for 2 hdmi projectors on MacBook Pro retina cheaper than MATROX triplehead2go for mac? available in germany...

    thanks, alfred

  • The Retina has a HDMI out and two thunderbolt ports that can be easily and cheaply converted to HDMI, so you don't need a graphics adapter (unless your thunderbolts are already tied up with soundcards and LAN connections, like mine always seem to be...)

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    As dbini says with the MacBook Pro Retina you get 3 outputs with simple displayport HDMI adapters. If you thunderbolt connections are occupied already you could buy something like this: http://eustore.caldigit.com/screen/product/thunderboltstation2

    I have version 1 from them and are happy with it. Next to an additional thunderbolt connection you get a network socket and also an additional HDMI output and others.

    Best Michel

  • that helps. thank you!! solved..

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