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  • Hi Folks,

    I've set up a tiny network - connecting 2 macs together using ethernet and switching on all the sharing options and connecting from one mac to the other as a server.
    Using Net Broadcaster on one mac and listener on the other, I'm able to receive values, but I can't receive any vid-gpu - is there something extra i need to do to get this to happen? Or is there another way to send video from one mac to another? Syphon, perhaps? How would I do this?

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    Syphon is your best bet:


  • cheers G - i'll look into it. i tried Syphon2Jitnet but couldn't get that to work.

  • YAY! that's the answer. simple and stable. massive thanks @Skulpture - that's another drink I owe you next month....


  • Tech Staff

    Thanks @dbini.

    Unfortunately I will not be there next month - I have a 12 week year old son and I decided it was too soon to leave the country. 
    But have an extra beer yourself for me :) 

  • ...some other time...

  • Maybe you could try the new programs by Nozomu Miura of Techlife for Syphon using Newtek NDI. We want to know whether these work in practice. Have a look at the Spout forum for more details :


    The direct download link to the Syphon versions is :


  • Hello John! @dbini

    Curious to know how well the TCPsyphon was working for you, as I can't get the Spout version going at all. Any suggestions or clues as to workflow would be appreciated.
    I've used the Spout2NDI with some success, but there are some things that TCPSpout could do for me easily... if I could get it going!



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