• Hello,

    Last week, I gave an Isadora workshop and there was a demo of Sonic Emotion sound spatialization system. Impressive but expansive.
    They used for communication to the software a free plug-in from IRCAM, TOSCA, usable in Logic, Live, DP, PT, Reaper…. It can record and play any OSC message, playing multi track sound.
    It interface perfectly with Isadora.
    The only other proposition are duration, free but not maintained anymore and Vezer, powerful but pricey.
    Take a look if you search for an easy free timeline

  • Sequel,

    I tested intensively TOSCA and finally is not the right tool to record OSC, it produce many jitter, due to successive keyframes. Vezer is more efficient, trying to make straight line when possible. Alas paying software…

  • This may be another solution (not tested yet...) : https://sourceforge.net/projects/kustudio/

  • Hello,

    I tested kustudio and that's not a good solution, buggy and inferior to Duration.
    With many test, I think that Vézer is the best (but pricey), with the possibility to easily record OSC with smoothing, then Duration (free) and TOSCA (free and inside DAW).
    Perhaps it could be a discussion in Berlin…

  • Hello,

    Just found this thread as i'm trying to do some project with duration and Isadora.
    I'm running through a little problem as I can't start or stop the duration play from Isadora with OSC (but some other commands are working...)
    I'm wondering if it's coming from the fact that the /play and /stop commands are empty OSC messages, which Isadora can't do...
    @jhoepffner I was wondering if you've found a way around as you seem to have some experience with duration (I guess doing a bridge with processing would work but I would like to avoid it...)

  • so it's working with the processing bridge.

    I put it here if anybody is interested
    send from isadora port 12000, /timeline/play , values: 1 to play, 0 to stop
    Still interested if anybody has a more direct solution


  • @Maxime would you happen to have a little example patch from isadora?

  • @gapworks

    Here is little "patch" (not sure it is going to be really interesting :) ) with just 3 objects to play the duration time line, stop it, and set the position in the time line (unit is seconds).
    You can find all the duration OSC controls on their Github page:
    The only OSC controls which are problematics with Isadora are the one which don't require any arguments in the OSC message ( represented by " - " in arguments column on the page).
    In my patch you will notice then that the play and stop are going through processing while the timeline control is going directly to Duration.
    To get osc from duration into Isadora, I just rename my layer "isadora/1", "isadora/2", etc... to get it directly without using stream setup (but you can use it of course :) )


  • Izzy Guru


    You can start and stop duration directly with Isadora you have to use the "OSC Multi Transmit" actor. The address would be "/duration/play" and "/duration/stop" (without the quotes) as it says on the github page. What you have to do for it to work, is connect a text actor to the value 1 input of the multi transmit actor so the input gets converted to take text, then delete the text actor and delete the "default" text inside the value 1 input and now it works.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks @Michel for this little trick!

    Just came back and saw your message. I did the work with processing sketch, but I'll use your technic next time! :)