[SOLVED] Installing Resolume FFGL Plugins in Isadora 2.2.2 on Mac OS 10.11

  • Hi there,

    I recently moved from a Windows computer to a Mac, and I now need to rebuild my old Isadora sessions from my Windows machine on my Mac computer. To that end, I am trying to install the Resolume FFGL plugins that I was using on the Windows side, but it isn't clear to me how to install these plugins on the Mac.
    Can someone please explain the details of this? Thanks very much!

  • PS - I should mention that I have moved the .bundle file to the Library/Application Support/FreeFrame folder, and that my Izzie preferences are set to look at this folder for the Freeframe plugins.

    And that, after a system reboot, the plugins are not showing up in my Isadora session.
    Thanks again!
  • Tech Staff

  • Thanks for this, DusX! I understand the process that was covered in this Windows example - I had success with this myself on the Windows side. However I am not able to glean enough information from this thread to help me with the install on my Mac computer. Could you elaborate on the install, in the context of Mac OS? 
    Do I need to open the .bundle package and move the actual .dll files into a specific location? To a location other than Library/Application Support/FreeFrame?
    Many thanks again!
  • Izzy Guru


    I have done the same as you. Put all the .bundle files to Library/Application Support/FreeFrame and isadora is set to the default place and they appear after an Isadora restart.

    There is one that does not show up the AVFFGL3dPixels. are you placing it in the top most Library or in the Library in Users/yourname/library?

    Best Michel

  • Hi Michel,

    Wow - thank you so much! I had incorrectly placed the .bundle files in the users library rather than the library in the top most directory. I hadn't understood the difference; that there are two distinct libraries, each with its own application support folder.
    Now I have placed the .bundle files in the top directory Library/Application Support/FreeFrame folder, and they are showing up perfectly.
    Best wishes, and many thanks for your help!
  • Izzy Guru


    Well the difference is that if placed in the top most library its available for all user that have a login on your computer, the sub library not. And Isadora points by default to the top most library.

    Best Michel